Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Story


In the southern hemisphere the constellation Argo Navis is separated into three star clusters: Vela (The Sails), Puppis (The Stern), and Carina (The Keel). Named for the epic ship Argo and its crew of fifty, the constellation was placed among the stars by the Greek goddess Athena upon completion of the epic quest for the Golden Fleece. The crew, better known as the Argonauts, included Jason, Hercules, Orpheus, Castor and Pollux, triumphed through perils unseen in our modern world and became legends to innumerous generations.

At Carina Cellars we strive to produce wines worthy of being placed among the stars. We seek out vineyards throughout the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria Valleys with the best Rhône grapes available in a quest to produce truly great wines. With crisp Viognier’s full of tropical fruit and spring flowers; dark Syrah’s loaded with spice and lush fruit; earthy Mourvedre’s, and bright, fruity Grenache’s we represent the classic character of Santa Barbara County’s legendary wines. 


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